Having the best possible home heating system is important when the cold of winter is upon us. If you are looking for a new heating system for your Martinsburg, Charles Town, or Hedgesville home, a heat pump can be an excellent choice. TI Dawson Heating & AC provides comprehensive heat pump installation and replacement services to customers in the area. We can tell you about the options, and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about this popular heating technology.

Why Choose a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps function by extracting the heat from outside air and pumping it inside your home. Unlike a furnace, which generates an intense amount of heat and distributes it throughout your home, a heat pump works to continuously provide heat at a steady pace. A heat pump does not actually need to generate heat, so it is a much more affordable option than other kinds of home heating systems.

A common concern about heat pumps is that they won’t heat the home effectively when the temperature is very low. This may have been true for older models of heat pumps, but the current models work well to maintain comfortable temperatures when the weather is cold.

When Is Heat Pump Replacement Advisable?

If your current heat pump starts heating your home unevenly or ineffectively, it could be time to replace it. Odd noises coming from your heat pump can also indicate the need for a replacement. If you find yourself getting your equipment repaired often, it could be more cost effective to replace it with a newer model.

When you contact us for heat pump replacement, one of our technicians will inspect your current system. By doing this, we can determine whether a replacement is actually the best strategy. If replacement is necessary, we will walk you through the process of selection, so you know that you are getting the heat pump that meets your needs. We will also get rid of your old unit for you, leaving you with one less detail to handle.

Heat Pump Maintenance

The best way to keep your heat pump in top shape is to schedule regular maintenance. During a typical maintenance visit, a trained professional will thoroughly inspect your heat pump for excessive wear. We will also clean out your heat pump if necessary, as well as tighten the connections and lubricate the joints. Doing all of this helps ensure that your heat pump operates smoothly.

Routine maintenance benefits your heat pump in a variety of ways. All heat pumps lose energy efficiency at some point, especially when they are not serviced regularly. Energy loss adds up over the course of time, and it can result in higher energy bills. By scheduling routine servicing, you can make sure that your heat pump runs optimally.

Getting annual maintenance on your heat pump can also prevent the need for emergency repairs. When our technicians check all of the parts, they can detect problems before they become major issues.

Heat Pump Repair

Sometimes, your heat pump will manifest issues even when you have it serviced. We can provide the repairs you need to get your heat pump working properly again. Whether or not we were the ones to install it, we are qualified to fix your heat pump. Our technicians stay educated on all of the latest industry information. We use parts and materials of the highest quality. We want your heat pump to work well for a long time.

Call TI Dawson Heating & AC if you need heat pump installation or repair in your Martinsburg home. We provide installation, repair, and maintenance services throughout the area, including Falling Waters and Berkeley Springs, WV.