Keeping the air clean in your home is an essential aspect of maintaining your family’s health. By reducing the number of pollutants indoors, you will ensure that your household has access to fresh, clean air every day. How do you accomplish this? By having an air cleaner installed in your home, you can create the air purification required for good health. This will greatly help to reduce the occurrences of allergy attacks and asthma episodes. If you live in Martinsburg or the surrounding areas in West Virginia, TI Dawson Heating & AC will help you choose the best unit for your home. Once you make that decision, our team will install the equipment you need to keep your indoor air purified.

Why You Might Need an Air Cleaner

If you have a pet in your home, you probably need an air cleaner. Pets have dander that sloughs off of their skin and onto surfaces. Once there, the dander will soon begin to float throughout the air, especially when air is being circulated. An air cleaning system will trap such particles, so they no longer travel throughout your home.

If you or other household members are sensitive to dust, getting an air cleaner is a wise strategy. Dust particles can quickly exacerbate allergies, and they can also make it difficult for some people to breathe. An air purification product will reduce the instances of allergy attacks from dust in the air.

If anyone smokes in your home, an air purifying system will help to keep the air clean. This benefits both the smoker and those who live in the home but do not smoke.

People who are particularly sensitive to allergens and pollutants, in general, will likely benefit from an air cleaner. We are happy to help you find the best air purification product for your home.

Selecting an Air Cleaner and Filter for Your Home

When you are shopping for an air cleaner, you should know the difference between removing air particles mechanically and removing them electronically. The kinds of products you purchase might depend on a variety of factors. You will need to consider your budget, as well as the specific pollutants you wish to remove. There are pros and cons associated with each type, and our professionals can help you explore the issue.

Mechanical air purifiers work well to remove large particles in the air. In fact, they can effectively remove such pollutants better than they can smaller particles. They generally have a high efficiency rate for eliminating large particles, and the rate is a bit lower for removing smaller allergens. These kinds of units do not require electricity to run. Their high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters need to be changed periodically. These models are relatively affordable to maintain and operate, so they are a solid choice for many residents.

Electronic air cleaners trap and eliminate air particles by utilizing electrostatic attraction. These products work particularly well in areas where small particles must be removed. Their purchasing prices are not much different from many other types of air cleaners. However, their overall expense may be greater because they run on electricity. Their filters also need to be changed regularly.

Finding an Air Cleaning System for Your Martinsburg Area Home

If you are not sure what kind of air cleaning system you should buy for your home, contact the experts at TI Dawson Heating & AC. We know there is a lot of information to consider about air cleaning systems. Instead of being overwhelmed by the details, consult a professional before you spend money on air purification. We will help you to make the best choice for your household in Martinsburg, Berkeley Springs, or any of the surrounding areas in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.